MSC - Sustainable Fishing
Karavela LTD is proud to inform about product offer from raw materials caught using particularly careful fishing methods that safeguard both the ocean environment and fishing stocks. Karavela LTD is approved and certified to sell products bearing the so-called MSC label.

MSC is an abbreviation of Marine Stewardship Council which is an independent, international certification scheme working to protect the natural ocean environment as well as fish stocks. The MSC allows fish manufacturers wishing to operate a sustainable business to use the organisation's characteristic blue logo on their finished products.

The MSC label – the blue logo – is therefore your guarantee that the fish we use have been caught under sustainable conditions. This gives your taste experience that extra dimension of a clean conscience.

The logo gives consumers the option of making sustainable choices when shopping. MSC was set up jointly by Unilever and WWF in 1997. In 1999, MSC became an independent organisation.

MSC is based on three core principles

1. Fishing must be carried out in such way that overfishing and depletion of the species do not occur. For those species that are depleted fishing must be carried out in such a way as to allow regeneration of the species.

2. Fishing must be managed in such a way as to maintain the ecosystem, its function, structure and diversity.

3. Fishing must have an efficient management system in place to meet the requirements of all local, national and international legislation. Fishing must also meet standards to ensure long-term exploitation of the fish population.

MSC Certificate Karavela 23.11.2017