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About company
Karavela Ltd – one of the biggest fish processing companies in Baltic States with rich history and continuous future plans for development.

Technological skills
Complete knowledge of all aspects of canned fish processing, fish culinary, fish preserves and smoking technologies.

Quality control
In-plant quality control programs ensure continuous control for fish processing lines, providing the highest quality product and taste standards.

The mission of Karavela Ltd is to ensure the customers with tasty, high-quality and environmentally friendly acquired and processed fish products from the Atlantic fish, as well as Latvian habitual and already classical fish products from Baltic Sea.

- The vision of Karavela Ltd is to be a leading fish processing company with a reliable brand in Baltic and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States or NVS) countries, responsibly fulfilling the needs and wishes of the consumers, clients, employees and collaboration partners, as well as offering its production in such export markets as Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. The main priorities of Karavela Ltd hereafter are the organization of environmentally friendly manufacturing process and continuous increase of the company's (brand) value and sustainable development.
- To become one of the leading manufacturers of canned fish by investing great financial resources in new production lines thereby turning into serious "player" and competitor for existent manufacturers of Western Europe and Scandinavian countries.