In 1882 a businessman Arnolds Sarencens established a company in Riga engaged in the production of tin cans and diversified canned products. In due course of time the products won the hearts of customers and the businessman started expanding the variety with different fish products.

After World War I a flying seagull with a fish in the beak became a trademark of the factory. This period may be deemed the times when the company provided a foothold on the market and established its own brand to lighten the customers distinguishing the products made by this cannery from products of other enterprises.

During the period of economic revival in Latvia within thirties the cannery develops rapidly producing not only canned fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms and different tin accessories required in the household. After World War II the company continuously increases in the production capacity and invests in the modernization and development of the production.

Equally with this the cannery proceeds to the production of new variety of products, as well as the production of cookery and smoked fish.

In the mid of 80s the cannery has been formed as the leader in the sphere of canned fish and cookery production in the territory of the former USSR and became the training base for personnel of other enterprises of those times.

In 1995 the cannery was privatized and in 2002 it was purchased by "KARAVELA", Ltd. at present continuing the traditions of Arnolds Serencens' owned company established in 1882. It is possible to say with confidence that the brand "KAIJA" is one of the most recognizable trademarks in the Baltic States and the CIS.